• Simpson’s Newborn Screening Bill Passes Congress and Heads to President’s Desk

    Reauthorizes Landmark 2008 Newborn Screening Bill

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  • Simpson Touts Vital Idaho Priorities Included in Cromnibus

    INL, PILT, Sage-Grouse, White Potatoes included in WIC, A-10, Limitation of Clean Water Act rules

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  • Simpson Opposes Unilateral Action By President

    Insists that Congress hold hearings, debate, and vote on long- term Middle East strategySimpson Opposes Unilateral Action By POTUS- Insists that Congress debate, and vote on long-term Middle East stra...

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  • Simpson to Forest Service: Observe First Amendment in Wilderness

    “Under no circumstances should the Forest Service be dictating its views about content to the media.”

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