U.S. Congressman Mike Simpson - Appropriations Committee Interior Chairman
U.S. Congressman Mike Simpson - 2nd District of Idaho

Idaho Step Challenge

Mile Tracker Board Update

After seven weeks of progress, Congressman Simpson and the Idaho STEP Challenge have arrived in Ohio, the Buckeye State. To see your individual or team results along the route, check out the third Mile Tracker Board.

At 337 miles along the virtual route, Congressman Simpson has crossed into Portage County, Ohio near the township of Deerfield. The area is home to several large bodies of water including Berlin Lake and Deer Creek Reservoir. Berlin Lake is a 3,341 acre feet reservoir constructed in 1942 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The lake was originally constructed to prevent nearby flooding, but today also functions as a popular recreation area and campground.

Downstream from Berlin Lake is the 300-acre Deer Creek Reservoir constructed in 1954 to provide drinking water to nearby communities. Both bodies of water are surrounded by forest lands that support wildlife including bald eagles, migrating waterfowl, white-tail deer, and coyotes.  
Need a Change of Pace? Plan a New Route!

If you’re looking to get more STEPS into your weekly routine but need a change of scenery, there are several free online sites that can help you plan the ideal walking, running, or biking route. Each of these sites allows you to create the perfect route through your city, county, or state.

And each site provides a variety of customizable mapping features including elevation changes, mileage makers, satellite imagery, traffic avoidance, and the location of bicycle paths. So if you’re ready to blaze a new path, check out the sites below.






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