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Idaho STEP Challenge

Idaho STEP Challenge

In 2014, Congressman Mike Simpson started tracking his steps to achieve a series of personal weight loss goals. Since then, he has lost 68 pounds.

Now, in an effort to advocate healthy lifestyles through his work in the House of Representatives, Congressman Simpson is challenging Idaho residents to a STEP Challenge.

Beginning on June 1, 2016, Congressman Simpson will measure and record the number of miles he walks each week using his activity tracker. During the next calendar year, he will attempt to walk the equivalent mileage of a trip from the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. to the Idaho Capital Building in Boise, Idaho. The route is estimated at 2,963 miles, including several stops through scenic and historic parts of America. The final few miles of the route will culminate with a fun run/walk beginning in on the Idaho Capital steps and ending in Julia Davis Park.

To help inspire and engage others to stay fit and healthy, Idaho residents can join the challenge by using their activity tracker to measure, record, and report their weekly miles. Residents interested in participating can sign up to receive updates on Congressman Simpson's progress, learn fun facts about the cities along the route, and join the step challenge from Washington, D.C. to Boise. Challenge rules and additional details will be provided to everyone that registers.

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Enter Your Miles for the D.C. to Boise Step Challenge (Individuals)

Enter Your Miles for the D.C to Boise Step Challenge (Team)

Mile Tracker Board (Through November 13, 2017)


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