Idaho Team STEP Challenge

If this is your first time, please enter your team's TOTAL number of miles walked since June 1st, your team name, and your email. If you are a returning participant, enter your TOTAL miles since June 1st and be sure to enter your team name and email the same as previous entries. By entering, your team name and total miles walked will be displayed on a regularly updated STEP Tracking Board on Congressman Simpson's webpage. You may update your miles as often as you like but please try and update your TOTAL miles each week so you are up to date. Teams can be 2 or 3 people.  

Reminder: This is the TOTAL number of miles your team has walked since June 1st. (Example: Team Idaho walked 100 miles - John walked 50 miles and Jane walked 50 miles - from June 1 through June 7 so they entered 100 miles. Team Idaho walked 104 miles - John walked 52 miles and Jane walked 52 miles - from June 8 through June 14 so they entered 204 miles.) 


TIP: Keep track of your miles each day, week, and month in a journal or notebook. This will make it easier to enter your miles each week since you are responsible for keeping track of your TOTAL miles.

Congressman Simpson writes his steps in a journal to monitor his progress over time so he can improve and push himself to exercise more.