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Veterans History Project

The Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress collects, preserves and makes accessible the firsthand recollections of U.S. military veterans who served from World War I through more recent conflicts and peacekeeping missions, so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand what they saw, did and felt during their time in the service. A 30-minute interview will be conducted between the veteran and Congressman Simpson’s office about the veteran’s time in service.  Collections without a 30-minute or longer interview must consist of either 20 pages of written manuscript, and/or 10 original photographs or letters (ORIGINALS WILL NOT BE RETURNED). 

Congressman Simpson and Idaho are proud of the men and women in the active-duty military and Idaho National Guard who are serving our country honorably at home and abroad and of the veterans who served our nation. Veterans have sacrificed their lives to protect the freedoms of the American people. Thank you to the heroes for their great service to our nation.

An example of an interview can be found HERE

Why should I participate?

  • Storytelling from generation to generation. 
  • Experiences may be cited in papers, books, movies, etc.  
  • Preserves history. 

Who is eligible?

  • All branches, including the National Guard - must meet the VA's definition of veteran. Determining Veteran Status and Eligibility for Benefits
  • Gold Star families. 
    • Under the Gold Star Families Voices Act, VHP also accepts oral histories by immediate family members (parent, spouse, sibling, or child) of “members of the Armed Forces who died as a result of their service during a period of war.” Due to the sensitive nature of the Gold Star oral histories, VHP requires a minimum age of 18 for both the interviewers and the interviewees.

How do I apply?

  • Fill out your email HERE or call Jessica Hammond at (208) 734-7219

What is next?

  • Congressman Simpson wants to showcase Idaho’s veterans and their honorable service to the Library of Congress and the public.
  • Constituents may request publishing interviews on Congressman Simpson's website.
  • The Library of Congress will sort, verify, and certify recordings and documentation.
  • Interviews will then be available to anyone who browses the web or visits the Library of Congress – the process takes about 12 months. 

Frequently asked Questions:

Need help?

Contact Jessica Hammond, VA & Military Outreach Coordinator/Caseworker.

630 Addison Ave W Suite 1700, Twin Falls ID 83301.

(208) 734-7219.