U.S. Congressman Mike Simpson - Appropriations Committee Interior Chairman
U.S. Congressman Mike Simpson - 2nd District of Idaho

Idaho Step Challenge

Mile Tracker Board Update

We’ve arrived! The #hikewithMike STEP challenge has finally hit the Idaho border! With 2,464 miles, Congressman Simpson is taking a virtual stroll through Swan Valley, Idaho. This little town is only a hop and a skip away from the eastern border, tucked between the Palisades Range and the Caribou Mountains. It’s more important than ever to update your miles as we count down the remaining 400 miles to the Idaho State Capital Building!

This is possible through the official #hikewithMike webpage. Individuals and teams that submit miles by the end of the day on Monday, June 12th will see their updated position on the Mile Tracker Board early next week.

Stay tuned for additional updates and more information about an end of challenge celebration!

Step Challenge Information

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