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Idaho Step Challenge

Time to Update Your Miles

Mile Tracker Board Update            

The Idaho STEP Challenge just crossed into Indiana, sometimes called the Hoosier State. As summer draws to a close, now is a good time to update your miles for the next Mile Tracker Board. Individual and team miles reported by the end of the day on Monday, August 22nd, will be tabulated and made available on Tuesday, August 23rd.  

The miles you enter should be the TOTAL miles you have walked since June 1st, the day the Idaho STEP Challenge began. If you started the challenge after June 1st, simply enter the total miles you have walked since the first day you began the challenge.

For example, if you entered 100 miles walked during the last Mile Tracker Board update (July 20) and then you walked an additional 100 miles since then, you should enter 200 miles. Now, check those activity trackers and log your individual miles here and team miles here.

Keep moving!

The Simpson STEP Team

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