Simpson Includes Language in CR to Delist Wolves in Idaho and Montana

February 14, 2011

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson put out the following statement regarding language included in the continuing resolution to reinstate the 2009 decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to delist the gray wolf in Idaho and Montana.

“It makes no sense to call wolves in Idaho and Montana an endangered species.  Not only do wolf populations far exceed recovery goals, but without proper management those populations have grown to the point where they are adversely impacting other wildlife populations in the region and wreaking havoc for ranchers, hunters, and public land users in Idaho.  The Fish and Wildlife Service made a sound and science-backed decision to delist wolves and have praised the management plan that was developed and successfully implemented by Governor Otter and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.  The Service and the state have successfully recovered the species to the point that it can be properly managed, and the law should reflect that.”