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CIEDRA Highlights

June 16, 2010

Wilderness Study Areas Released—The Jerry Peak Wilderness Study Area, the Jerry Peak West Wilderness Study Area, the Corral-Horse Basin Wilderness Study Area, the Boulder Creek Wilderness Study Area, and USFS recommended Wilderness in the SNRA totaling 130,453 acres, will be released from wilderness study area.

Wilderness Areas—Three new wilderness areas, the Hemingway-Boulders Wilderness, the White Clouds Wilderness, the Jerry Peak Wilderness, totaling 332,775 acres, will be created.

Grants to Custer County— Grants have been secured for Custer County and the surrounding Boulder-White Clouds communities for economic development, a community center, a county health clinic and EMT support, and improvements to Trail Creek Highway.

Grants for Recreation—Grants have been secured for the Sawtooth National Recreation Area for trail maintenance and improvements, including maintenance and improvement of existing motorized trails and two existing trails to provide primitive wheelchair access, and for acquiring the land to build a mechanized bike/snowmobile access trail between Redfish Lake and Stanley.

Compensation for Livestock Grazing—Selected East Fork permitees may be eligible to voluntarily retire their grazing permits in exchange for compensation from private sources.

Outfitting and Guiding Authorized—In accordance with the Wilderness Act, commercial services (including authorized outfitting and guide activities) within the wilderness areas are authorized to the extent necessary for activities which are proper for realizing the recreational or other wilderness purposes of the wilderness areas.

Fish and Wildlife—Nothing in this bill affects the jurisdiction of the State of Idaho with respect to the management of fish and wildlife on public land in the State, including the regulation of hunting, fishing, and trapping within the wilderness areas.

Access—The Secretary shall provide the owner of State or private property within the boundary of a wilderness area adequate access to the property.

Water Rights—Nothing in this bill affects existing water rights or existing agreements.

Military Overflights—Nothing in this bill affects military overflights.

No Wilderness “Buffer” Zone—This bill prevents the creation of a protective perimeter around the wilderness.

Native American and Cultural Uses—Nothing in the bill shall diminish the treaty rights of Native Americans.

Land Conveyances in Blaine County, Idaho

  • Smiley Creek Rural Fire Protection District Fire Station
  • Smiley Creek Rural Fire Protection District Well Site
  • School Bus Turnaround

Land Conveyances in Custer County, Idaho

  • Mackay Reservoir Park and Campground
  • Fire Hall
  • Shooting Range
  • Waste Transfer Site
  • Challis Public Purpose Land
  • Clayton Cemetery
  • Clayton Park
  • Clayton Water Tower
  • Wastewater Treatment Facility

Germania Creek Trail
—The Germania Creek Trail shall remain open under its current use for single track, two-wheeled motorized and mechanized travel.  This trail bisects the White Clouds Wilderness and the Hemingway-Boulders Wilderness.

Grand Prize Trail—As part of the compromise to keep Germania Creek Trail, the Grand Prize trail is closed.

Forest Service Trails 109 and 671—The portion of Forest Service Trail 109 between the Phyllis Lake turnoff to Fourth of July Lake and the south side of Washington Lake and Forest Service Trail 671 up Warm Springs Creek from Forest Service Trail 104 to the wilderness boundary shall be closed to motorized use.  They will remain open in the winter for snowmachine use.

Frog Lake Loop—Frog Lake Loop is excluded from wilderness and will remain open under its current use for motorized and mechanized travel.

Snowmobile Access—Snowmobilers maintain their access to high elevation snowmobile areas in the Fourth of July, Washington Basin, Champion Lakes and Warm Springs areas.

Wheelchair Accessible Trail—The Secretary shall make such improvements as may be necessary to maintain the first mile of the Murdock Creek Trail as a primitive, nonpaved, and wheelchair-accessible trail.