CIEDRA An Idaho Solution

CIEDRA- An Idaho Solution

Today the Idaho delegation introduced the Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act (CIEDRA).  

Idahoans can be very proud of the compromise we have developed to ensure they can use and enjoy the Boulder-White Clouds now and into the future.  CIEDRA moves us beyond the old debates of how to manage the Boulder-White Clouds and towards a more secure future for this rugged, beautiful and productive heart of Idaho.

We have created an integrated community, recreation and conservation plan that addresses the needs of the people who live and recreate in Central Idaho—in short, an Idaho solution.  I am proud that throughout our process we have refused to sacrifice the needs of one user group for the benefit of another. 

There are many facets to CIEDRA.  Custer County has received funding for economic development and community services.  Ranchers will be eligible for compensation from private sources, should they voluntarily retire grazing permits.  Motorized users will be able to navigate the Germania corridor now and into the future.  Snowmobilers will maintain their access to many of the best high elevation snowmobile areas.  It creates three new wilderness areas while also releasing over 130,000 acres of wilderness study areas from restrictive management.

Our Idaho solution helps circumvent federal lawsuits, regulations and restrictions.  Most importantly, the threat of a presidential monument designation for the Boulder White Clouds will effectively be taken off of the table. 

I am confident that with passage of CIEDRA, we can put to rest many long standing conflicts and move ahead to a stronger, more secure economy in Central Idaho.  By ensuring that people can maintain their livelihoods and enjoy their favorite recreational activities, we have achieved a win-win for everyone.

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