Community Projects Funding


Community Project Funding Requests for submission to the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2022.

Thank you to all of the community organizations that submitted projects to be considered for Community Project Funding.   While I was limited to submitting 10 projects, I can assure you there were many more deserving proposals that I would have liked to support.  The criteria we considered included timeliness of completed applications, eligibility rules, geographic location, the needs of communities, most appropriate use of taxpayer funds, and potential impacts of the requested projects.  I look forward to continuing to work with the communities in my district to find future opportunities for additional worthy projects.  Please feel free to contact my office with any questions about this process.


The following projects were submitted by my office for funding by the House Appropriations Committee

Project Name: Custer County Detention Facility 

Project Location:  Challis, ID  

Project Sponsor: Custer County 

Requested Amount:  $5,500,000 

Description: The funding is designated to construct a new detention facility in Custer County Idaho to replace the outdated and noncompliant jail. The Custer County Jail was built in 1904, it can only accommodate a maximum of 6 inmates. The County currently has 16 outstanding warrants that it cannot act on because they do not have the capacity to hold any more inmates. This project will allow Custer County to safety detain those who are charged with crimes safely and securely.   

Project Name: Trade Up: Skilled Trades' Expansion, Advising, and Remediation at College of Eastern Idaho 

Project Location: Idaho Falls, ID 

Project Sponsor: College of Eastern Idaho 

Requested Amount: $91,449 

Description:  CEI requests $91,449 to strengthen workforce training programs in the fields of plumbing, welding, electrical and HVAC by equipping five classrooms for live teaching broadcast, hiring a one-year interim advisor to promote construction as entry to expansive college training or career, building badges in Skill Stack, inviting students to return for stackable credentials, shortening time to career, ensuring CEI’s programs are tailored to local employer needs, and creating a free & immediate remediation system to help any fourth-year student retake and pass the journeyman exam.  Eastern Idaho is growing at a rapid rate, and employers are in desperate need of skilled workers.  This project will help employers find the workers they need, as well as prepare Idahoans for stable, good paying jobs close to home.  The project also has the potential to increase local wages and stabilize rural economies throughout the region.

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Project Name: Shoshone Bannock Tribe Fire Station 

Project Location:  Fort Hall, ID  

Project Sponsor: Shoshone Bannock Tribe 

Requested Amount:  $10,125,000 

Description:  The funding is designated to address the inadequate facility needs of the Fort Hall Fire Department and EMS operations. Current facilities rely on antiquated equipment, decrepit structures, failing infrastructure and poor location and access. The project will provide high quality essential services to protect the lives and property of Reservation residents, employees, and visitors, as well as the surrounding communities.

Project Name: U.S. Sheep Experiment Station (USSES) ARS Infrastructure Improvement 

Project Location:  Dubois, ID  

Project Sponsor: Sheep Experiment Station 

Requested Amount:  $7,750,000 

The funding is designated to modernize a century- old critical research facility, the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station (USSES) and expansion of research-building capacity. The USSES is a USDA, Agriculture Research Service (ARS) unit near Dubois, Idaho. The USSES is an asset for grazing lands and sheep industry genetic research, and the repository of over five decades of sage grouse research. The century-old infrastructure is a limiting factor for the USSES to effectively accomplish its research agenda.

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Project Name: Rinker Rock Creek Ranch 

Project Location: Hailey, ID 

Project Sponsor: University of Idaho 

Requested Amount: $1,310,459 

Description: The University of Idaho requests $1,310,459 to designated establish University of Idaho education and research training at the Rinker Rock Creek Ranch field station by expanding curricula in rangeland management and animal science.  The project sponsor for this project is the Regents of the University of Idaho located at 875 Perimeter Dr., Moscow, ID 83844 and the project is located near Hailey, Idaho.  Funding will result in a) hands-on learning for public, postsecondary and K-12 education groups; b) scientific equipment and space for research demonstrations on livestock grazing and sage grouse management, cattle management and wildlife friendly fencing, water quantity and quality conservation, and techniques to combat invasive annual grasses and associated wildfire; and c) upgraded telecommunications systems to facilitate classroom connectivity and research training.  The project will enhance workforce training in Idaho by providing opportunities for high school and community college students to pursue postsecondary education.  It will also provide demonstration of best practices for integrating working rangelands with conservation interests in the western United States. 

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Project Name: Taxi-lane D Rehabilitation at Boise Airport, Boise ID, Ada, ID-02

Project Location: Boise, ID

Project Sponsor: City of Boise

Requested Amount: $700,000

Description: The funding is designated to rehabilitate the portion of taxi-lane D that leads onto the air carrier apron. This is the main taxi route to the terminal for air carrier operations that supports air transportation to the community. Taxi-lane D pavement has deteriorated to the point that the pavement surface needs to be removed and replaced.

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Project Name: Habitat’s Communities of Hope – Step up to Home Ownership, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Bonneville, ID-02

Project Location: Idaho Falls, ID

Project Sponsor: Habitat for Humanity Idaho Falls Area, Inc.

Requested Amount: $1,000,000

Description: The funding is designated to create a lasting stock of affordable homes for low- to moderate-income families, creating a path for home ownership no matter the family’s current financial circumstances. A variety of housing types – tiny, attached, and single-family - will be available. Families will build equity in all levels of home ownership.  Families will meet financial and community service requirements. Mortgage payments will never exceed 30% of monthly income. If necessary, residents can provide sweat equity for partial mortgage payments. The property will remain in a land trust or cooperative ownership. Residents will pay small homeowner fees and be voting members of the HO association.  To help families be successful homeowners, residents will be provided supportive services. Seven service providers and a shopping center are within one mile of a property identified as a desirable location for Habitat’s pilot Community of Hope project.

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Project Name: Idaho Grain & Ag Center, Boise, ID, Ada, ID-02

Project Location:  Boise, ID

Project Sponsor: Idaho Grain Producers Association

Requested Amount:  $787,000

Description: The funding is designated for a conference room, shared workspace, and technology in a new building project, the Idaho Grain & Ag Center at 821 W. State Street. An updated Idaho Grain & Ag Center would provide critical services to Idaho’s agricultural industry, while offering innovative ways to engage with growers around the state. Entirely focused on Idaho agriculture, the building project would include a hub for research collaboration, a promotional component, sufficient meeting space to bring large groups together, and technology to connect with growers around the state and the nation. The Idaho Grain & Ag Center would not only link Idaho’s rural and urban communities, but also serve as a bridge to the future of Idaho agriculture. An updated Idaho Grain & Ag Center, which will sit adjacent to the Idaho Statehouse, will solidify the importance of agriculture to the state, be a model of innovative public-private partnerships, and serve all rural Idaho.

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Project Name: Medical Training Facility

Project Location: Boise Air Terminal (Gowen Field), Idaho

Project Sponsor: 124th Fighter Wing, Idaho Air National Guard

Requested Amount: $6,500,000

Description: The 124th Fighter Wing, Idaho Air National Guard, requests $6,500,000 for the construction of a 10,550 square foot Medical Training Facility to provide administrative area, classrooms, laboratories, exam rooms, record storage, and mobility training storage for the 124th Medical Group.  The project entails construction of a new building with site improvements to include pavements, utilities, communication support, as well as demolition of 3 sub-standard buildings/7,951 square feet on the site.  This project will provide a facility that complies with patient privacy requirements and space authorized for military medical and training functions. 

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Only non-profit entities and state and local government entities are eligible to submit an application. Projects cannot be designated for private individuals or for-profit entities.  Projects must be “shovel-ready” and receive community support.

Public Disclosure

Each Member of Congress is limited to ten Community Project Funding requests. In order to ensure that federal dollars are well spent in a transparent and accountable manner, each Member of Congress must publicly disclose the Community Projects they are requesting be funded. Please note that the information submitted in the forms below may be released to the public.

Community Support

Members must provide proof of community support with compelling factors describing ways in which the project will benefit the community. Therefore, all requests must include as much proof of community support as possible. Submissions may include but are not limited to:

  • Letters of support from elected community leaders;
  • Press articles highlighting the need for the requested community project funding;
  • Support from newspaper editorial boards;
  • Projects listed in state intended use plans, community development plans, or other publicly available planning documents;
  • Resolutions passed by city councils or boards; and/or
  • Other compelling evidence of community support.

Submitting a Community Project Application

Each organization must complete and submit an application form (found below) that is associated with their corresponding project. Click the relevant link below to view application requirements for each type of project.  Once the form is completed in full, it must be submitted using the webform below, and submitted no later than Friday, April 12, 2021.  

Community Project Funding Application Forms:

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