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Have you applied to the following nominating authorities? Senator James E. Risch Senator Mike Crapo
Vice President Joe Biden

Remember to include:
  • Special awards and honors with dates.
  • School and outside club memberships and activities, noting leadership positions and honors received, with dates.
  • Employment, both after school and in summer, with dates and hours per week.
  • Volunteer involvement, with dates and hours per week.
  • School athletics (note Captain, Varsity letter, MVP, All-League, etc.) with dates.
  • Out-of-school recreational athletics, with dates.
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The information above is correct. I am an U.S. Citizen or will be by July 1, 2016; am at least 17 but not 23 years of age on July 1, 2016; am unmarried, not pregnant; have no child support obligation; and am a legal resident of the State of Idaho.