Mt. Home Air Force Base

The Mountain Home Air Force Base—366th Wing is comprised of four groups and several wing staff agencies. The four group commanders and the wing staff agency chiefs work directly for and with the wing commander. Each group or agency has its specific responsibilities, but each of them support the wing's overall mission.

The 366th mission:

The 366th is the Air Force's premier air expeditionary wing. With the support of KC-135R Stratotankers, the wing blends the firepower of F-15C Eagles, F-15E Strike Eagles, F-16C Fighting Falcons and B-1B Lancers to form a single, cohesive aerial strike force. What makes the 366th Wing unique is its air expeditionary mission. The wing is designed to deploy with its own command, control, computer, communications and intelligence capabilities. Rather than building a composite wing at a deployed site, the 366th Wing is a composite force already built and trained, ready to fight and intervene anytime, anywhere. One of the primary benefits of a composite wing structure is aircrews train with the same people they fight alongside in combat. In a traditional wing, aircrews train with similar aircraft, except for a few annual exercises. In a composite wing, aircrews train every day under more realistic conditions, with a variety of aircraft flying multiple missions.

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