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What They're Saying

Congressman Mike Simpson has released a framework for reimagining the Northwest energy landscape and recovering critically endangered salmon populations.  For the last three years, he and his staff have held over 300 meetings with stakeholders, tribes, elected representatives and other interests trying to understand and break down this issue.

Congressman Simpson would like feedback on this concept. Thoughts and comments can be sent to

Nez Perce Tribe 

Nez Perce Tribe Supports Simpson Leadership on Columbia Basin Initiative

“We view restoring the lower Snake River – a living being to us, and one that is injured - as urgent and overdue.  Congressman Simpson, in focusing on the facts and on a solution, speaks the truth - that restoring salmon and the lower Snake River can also reunite and strengthen regional communities and economies." 

Shoshone - Bannock Tribe

Shoshone-Bannock Tribe Supports Simpson Leadership on Columbia Basin Initiative

"We are urging all Idahoans and Tribal members to learn more about this important initiative, take action and support Simpsons Columbia Basin Fund initiative to protect the salmon."

Idaho's Outfitters & Guides

Salmon & Energy Initiative

"Congressman Simpson's "Salmon & Energy" plan breaks down historic barriers between people and industries, effectively ending the "Salmon Wars." This is our best chance to restore wild salmon and steelhead populations."

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers


“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s time to come together and find solutions for all stakeholders.”

Spokane Tribe of Indians
Simpson Proposed Legislation 

Addressing the impacts to the Columbia River Region in a holistic way will require the Region and its political leaders to display the same courage, Congressman Simpson has displayed in releasing this proposed framework.

Congressman Earl Blumenauer
Blumenauer Statement on Proposed Columbia Basin Fund

"I'm intrigued by his proposal, which I think deserves thoughtful consideration from all sides. I look forward to working with communities across the region to help craft solutions that help recover these iconic fish on the brink of extinction."

Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation
Colville Tribes Support a Regional Salmon Solution

“The Colville Tribes agrees that the Northwest has been stuck in the status quo when it comes to restoring salmon on the Columbia River. We share Congressman Simpson’s vision that a region wide solution is achievable by working with Tribes both in the lower and upper Columbia River and affected stakeholders.”  

American Sporfishing Association

Unprecedented Federal Investment for Salmon Recovery Proposed by Idaho Congressman

"..the congressman’s proposal shows his continued commitment to tackling the region’s problematic infrastructure and restoring the rapidly declining salmon populations."

Idaho Wildlife Federation

Time is Right for Rep Simpson's Bold New Salmon Proposal

“This is the first meaningful approach any elected official has made public that recognizes the only way to recover Idaho’s salmon and steelhead to meaningful abundance is to untangle the gargantuan and crippling bureaucratic knot that is now also failing ratepayers and taxpayers,”

Trout Unlimited

Best, maybe last, chance for salmon
"Congressman Simpson’s proposal is bold and demonstrates the kind of leadership we hope for in our elected leaders."

National Wildlife Federation

Simpson Plan a Strong Starting Point for Salmon Recovery, Investment in Northwest Jobs, Clean Energy

“The recreational angling community has been pressing for salmon recovery in the Columbia River Basin for decades. Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson answered our calls with a blueprint for the largest river and salmon restoration effort in history that also creates jobs and strengthens the energy and agriculture sectors,”

The Nature Conservancy
Congressman Simpson Proposes Columbia River Basin Salmon Recovery

The Nature Conservancy believes bold action is needed to create a future in which people and nature thrive. In building that future for the Pacific Northwest, salmon extinction is not an acceptable outcome.

American Whitewater
Representative Simpson Proposes a Bold New Vision for the Snake River

"American Whitewater is encouraged by the proposal Representative Simpson has introduced that directly affects our interests and the work we do throughout the Columbia River Basin. We appreciate his leadership in moving the conversation forward and focusing on solutions."

Washington Governor Jay Inslee

Inslee statement on U.S. Rep. Simpson's proposed Columbia Basin legislation

“Washington welcomes Rep. Simpson’s willingness to think boldly about how to recover Columbia and Snake River salmon in a way that works for the entire region and invests – at a potentially transformative level – in clean energy, transportation and agriculture."

American Rivers

Congressman Mike Simpson announces groundbreaking framework to restore Northwest salmon, bolster economy

“A well-crafted, comprehensive solution would benefit the nation as a whole by restoring salmon runs, bolstering clean energy and strengthening the economy of one of the most dynamic regions in the country.” 

Idaho Conservation League

ICL supports Simpson's comprehensive infrastructure proposal

"ICL is hopeful that this proposal brings people together to work to benefit communities in Idaho and the Northwest, providing jobs and needed investment that will lead to cleaner water, clean energy, abundant salmon and steelhead, prosperous farming, river, and waterfront communities, and affordable energy for consumers."

Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Governor Kate Brown Voices Support for Rep. Mike Simpson’s Columbia Basin Legislative Concept

“I’d like to thank Rep. Simpson for working with a broad coalition of interested parties across the Northwest to craft this proposal, which will help us to build on the economic opportunities of the Columbia Basin and invest in a clean energy future,”

Idaho Rivers United

Idaho Rivers United Applauds Congressman Simpson on Columbia Basin Fund Plan

"Congressman Mike Simpson has just taken the most meaningful step in the decades-long effort to recover Snake River salmon and steelhead. The Columbia Basin Fund and plan for restoration of the Lower Snake River to a natural, free-flowing river is the most comprehensive, science-based plan to date."

Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation
Yakama Nation Applauds Congressman Mike Simpson's Vision For Snake River Dam Removal

“We have reached a tipping point where we must choose between our Treaty-protected salmon and the federal dams, and we choose salmon,”

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation

CTUIR supports Rep Simpson's Columbia River Basin Initiative

"The CTUIR looks forward to working with the entire Northwest Congressional Delegation, Columbia Basin Tribes and states as this initiative moves forward. We encourage stakeholders to consider this transformational approach and be open to new possibilities."

City of Stanley

Resolution 2021-2

The City of Stanley is committed to working with Congressman Simpson, other members of Idaho delegation, the Governor, Custer County, and other stakeholders to further develop this plan.

Northwest RiverPartners

Northwest RiverPartners Considers US Rep. Simpson Proposal to Overhaul the Region’s Energy Infrastructure; Urges Caution and a More Circumspect Approach

"While we remain open-minded about the Simpson proposal, there are several key issues in the plan that need to be addressed before we can consider it a fair and equitable solution for our Northwest communities." 

Articles and Editorials

Idaho Statesman 
At long last, a workable plan to remove Lower Snake River dams and save Idaho’s salmon

"Simpson’s proposal makes sure that Idaho communities and businesses will benefit, from Lewiston to Twin Falls, up the Salmon River, and even Idaho Power and electric co-op customers."

Idaho Press
Editorial: Simpson's salmon proposal is a bold, needed step

"Simpson is taking a political risk with this plan — something far too many elected officials are unwilling to do. For that, and for his sense of urgency to save Idaho salmon before it’s too late, we applaud him."

Boise State Public Radio

Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson: Saving Salmon Isn't Going To Be Easy

It’s no easy fix — from water for agriculture to hydroelectric power to shipping, the dams support a network of diverse industries. But Simpson said in a video released over the weekend, dam removal is the only way to try to save these salmon from extinction.



"Simpson is calling upon federal representatives from the Northwest, governors, state legislators, tribal leaders, industries, and conservation groups to work with this blueprint for recovering the region’s most important fishes."

The Oregonian 
Opinion: Despite unknowns, dam-breaching proposal is opening honest conversations

"There are significant reasons not to fall in love at first sight with the Simpson plan, but we see this as an opportunity for the region’s diverse stakeholders to begin a sincere conversation, study the issues and carefully listen to one another. That is a welcome change."

Yakima Herald

Guest opinion: Let's support bold plan for Snake River salmon runs

"Rep. Simpson’s Columbia Basin Fund is a bold plan, offering the region a comprehensive infrastructure investment package."