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Providing Energy Independence for our Nation


The future of our nation’s energy supply has become a topic of great interest, both in Congress and throughout our country.  A growing and thriving economy requires stable and affordable energy supplies, and, like many Idahoans, I am concerned about the energy future of the United States.  As long as the United States is dependent on other nations for sources of energy, our energy supply will be directly impacted by conflicts in regions with high oil supply, foreign political environments that are unfriendly to the United States, and increased demand for oil on the world market.  As a nation, we must continue looking for ways to reduce energy prices and improve our energy independence.

I strongly believe that our efforts to address this growing problem should be comprehensive in nature and that we should explore every opportunity to develop viable alternative energy sources.  I strongly support a responsible, revitalized domestic nuclear energy program, and I am proud of the work done in Idaho to expanding the use of nuclear power to meet our nation’s growing energy needs.  I also believe we must increase energy efficiency in the United States and encourage the development of renewable energy sources, while continuing to find domestic sources of traditional forms of energy, like oil and natural gas.  Technology, incentives, and innovation can move our economy to a sustainable, independent energy source that will be a real solution to the challenges facing our nation.

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