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Idaho Statesman 
At long last, a workable plan to remove Lower Snake River dams and save Idaho’s salmon

"Simpson’s proposal makes sure that Idaho communities and businesses will benefit, from Lewiston to Twin Falls, up the Salmon River, and even Idaho Power and electric co-op customers."

Idaho Press
Editorial: Simpson's salmon proposal is a bold, needed step

"Simpson is taking a political risk with this plan — something far too many elected officials are unwilling to do. For that, and for his sense of urgency to save Idaho salmon before it’s too late, we applaud him."

Boise State Public Radio

Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson: Saving Salmon Isn't Going To Be Easy

It’s no easy fix — from water for agriculture to hydroelectric power to shipping, the dams support a network of diverse industries. But Simpson said in a video released over the weekend, dam removal is the only way to try to save these salmon from extinction.



"Simpson is calling upon federal representatives from the Northwest, governors, state legislators, tribal leaders, industries, and conservation groups to work with this blueprint for recovering the region’s most important fishes."

The Oregonian 
Opinion: Despite unknowns, dam-breaching proposal is opening honest conversations

"There are significant reasons not to fall in love at first sight with the Simpson plan, but we see this as an opportunity for the region’s diverse stakeholders to begin a sincere conversation, study the issues and carefully listen to one another. That is a welcome change."

Yakima Herald

Guest opinion: Let's support bold plan for Snake River salmon runs

"Rep. Simpson’s Columbia Basin Fund is a bold plan, offering the region a comprehensive infrastructure investment package."