Agriculture Appropriations Fiscal Year 2018

Whether it is resources for our farmers and ranchers or research that guarantees a safe and efficient food supply, USDA plays a vital role in Idaho. The Sheep Station in Dubois is important to Idaho, and language in the bill gives stakeholders and the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) the opportunity to come together to work on a viable, long-term future.

  • Provides funding for the USDA Rural Utilities Service Circuit Rider program which helps fund rural communities to provide safe and affordable drinking water;
  • Provides funding for National Institutes of Food and Agriculture potato and wheat research;
  • Continues previous years’ language authored by Congressman Simpson that blocks the President’s proposed closure of the U.S. Sheep Experimental Station in Dubois, Idaho;
  •  The bill also includes language directing the FDA to develop a standard identity for dairy based on existing standards which is similar to Congressman Simpson’s bipartisan DAIRY Pride Act.