Ag Trade

I strongly believe that Idaho’s farmers and businesses can compete and win on a level playing field.  Unfortunately, a number of recent trade agreements have had a negative impact on our agriculture industry and contributed to tough economic times for the rural areas of our nation. Because of this, I have become increasingly skeptical of the merits of certain trade agreements.  

However, I did support the recent free trade agreements with Korea, Panama and Columbia due to the market access benefits these agreements provide for U.S. agricultural products, and the resulting increase in jobs.  The trade agreements passed Congress on October 12, 2011 and were signed into law by President Obama on October 21, 2011.

I will continue to closely scrutinize new trade agreements and push for stronger enforcement of existing trade agreements. I will vote against any trade agreement that I believe puts Idaho’s economy in jeopardy and puts Idaho workers, farmers, and ranchers out of business.