Wilderness Designations

When there is local consensus, I have consistently been a supporter of passing laws to set aside public lands for the protection of ecosystems, habitats and species. In the past I have also lent my support to legislation to create wilderness or designate areas as Wild and Scenic Rivers because there was local support in the affected areas and the citizens’ elected representatives sponsored the legislation.

Just as I demand the citizens and elected officials of Idaho be allowed to steer Idaho’s public lands policies without outside interference, I feel that I should allow the citizens of other states to determine the affairs of their states. I will consider legislation designating wilderness areas with these views.  One of my proudest legislative accomplishments is passing legislation to address a decades old debate surrounding the Boulder White Clouds. Thanks to many Idahoans and years of work, we have preserved Idaho’s iconic landscapes through a truly collaborative process. This is certainly an Idaho solution at its core and reflects our values. To learn more visit this link: https://simpson.house.gov/issues/issue/?IssueID=121113