Simpson Statement on Provision Protecting State Role over Non-Navigable Waters

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“Most farmers and ranchers I talk to are scared to death about the possibility that the Environmental Protection Agency would be able to regulate their irrigation ditches, drainage ponds, and even groundwater, and I understand why,” said Simpson. “In the West, water is critical to our way of life. Allowing the federal government to claim jurisdiction over state waters would have a devastating impact on rural communities throughout our state and the food supply throughout our nation. For that reason and others, I have moved to insert language in the House Continuing Resolution that will prevent any attempt by the EPA to claim additional jurisdiction over state waters and increase its already excessive authority over Western farmers, families, and businesses.” Read more »

Simpson Offers Amendments to Rein in EPA Regulations

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“Frankly, I find it absolutely ridiculous that, in its zeal to respond to the crisis in the Gulf, the EPA has decided that milk is an environmental hazard,” said Simpson. “Our dairy industry has faced devastating losses in recent years, and having to comply with these unnecessary regulations would make it that much harder for Idaho dairy producers to weather the terrible economic storm they are in.” Read more »