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Statement of Congressman Mike Simpson on House Passage of Economic Rescue Bill

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Washington, October 3, 2008 | comments

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson today issued the following statement about his vote in the U.S. House in favor of the economic rescue bill:

“There is a lot of information about this bill floating around, some of which is incorrect. One misconception is that there are no taxpayer protection provisions in this bill - this is not true,” said Simpson. “I could not vote for legislation that did not protect taxpayers against loss at every turn.  I am convinced this bill is an investment that will be recouped over time.  If the money has not been paid in full, the bill contains provisions that require a tax on Wall Street to repay it, not the American family.”

“No one is happy about this legislation, but I am convinced that action is a necessary evil in order to keep small businesses afloat, keep retirees from losing their life savings and help end the growing credit crisis we now face. Senator Larry Craig carefully examined the legislation pertaining to the situation our country faces and came to the same conclusion:  we can not, in good conscience, allow ordinary Americans to suffer the consequences of the excesses of Wall Street.”


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