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Simpson Issues Statement on Court Decision Upholding Wolf Delisting Language

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson issued the following statement today regarding the decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to affirm the district court’s decision to uphold legislation barring judicial review of the delisting of wolves in Idaho and Montana.

“I’m pleased to see the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals uphold my wolf delisting language.  Continued efforts to put wolves back on the endangered species list simply don’t hold up in light of the robust wolf populations in Idaho and the effective state management plans in place in Idaho and Montana.  This case has made it clear that those who persist in trying to manage wildlife through the courts, in spite of all scientific evidence that this species has recovered, no longer have a defensible position.  Now that this case is settled, the state can continue to move forward in implementing a long-term solution to wolf management that serves the best interests of Idahoans and those whose true goal is a sustainable wolf population in the Rocky Mountain west.”

Congressman Simpson, who chairs the House Interior and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee, included language in the FY2011 Continuing Resolution directing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to reissue its decision to delist wolves in Idaho and Montana.  Simpson’s language prevented the decision from being overturned by the courts, as it was in 2010.