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Congressman Simpson Responds to President Trump’s first Address to Congress

Washington, February 28, 2017

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson issued the following statement after President Donald Trump’s first Address to Congress.

“President Trump discussed a myriad of topics and I am looking forward to working with the Administration to implement policies that create jobs and fuel economic growth.  Fundamental tax reform, entitlement reform and regulatory reform are essential to address our nation’s debt crisis once and for all. 

“As I talk to farmers, ranchers, and businesses throughout Idaho about the economic challenges they face, the common theme I hear is that tax and regulatory uncertainty from the last 8 years has forced them to hunker down and wait out the regulatory and bureaucratic storm rather than investing in their businesses and creating new jobs.  If we truly want to get our budget deficit under control, these issues need to be addressed so our economy can grow beyond its current lackluster rate.

“I am also extremely pleased that President Trump discussed immigration reform. The reality is Congress has not passed meaningful immigration reform. It is not an American or Republican value to split up families - it is not who we are. We need to solve this problem and focus on deporting violent criminals while passing comprehensive immigration reform that creates a legal workforce.

“There is also a lot of concern and discussion about the Affordable Health Care Act, the simple truth is if we do nothing, Obamacare will fall of its own weight.  Speaker Ryan is working extremely hard to present a replacement that will address our nation’s healthcare needs. The reality is we are not going to repeal Obamacare without a replacement that ensures Americans have access to care.

“Finally, now more than ever, our country needs to put politics aside and find common ground for the greater good. I am willing, many of my colleagues are willing, and the American public needs to be willing as well to seek and pursue what unites us in order to move our country forward.”