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Cong. Simpson Praises Gov. Little, AG Wasden and US DOE’s Resolution that Complies with Settlement Agreement and Allows Spent Fuel Research

Washington, D.C.  – Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson congratulates Governor Brad Little and Attorney General Lawrence Wasden for reaching an agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy that allows research quantities of commercial spent nuclear fuel to be brought to the Idaho National Laboratory.

“I’m thrilled by today’s news and want to congratulate Governor Little, Attorney General Wasden, and the Department of Energy for successfully negotiating an update to the 1995 Idaho Settlement Agreement,” said Congressman Simpson. “This is a modernized agreement that reflects the successes of the cleanup mission and the growing and thriving work at the Idaho National Laboratory. 

“I also want to congratulate the world class employees of both the Idaho Cleanup Project and the Idaho National Lab,” said Simpson. “This agreement is only possible because of the hard work, dedication, and many milestones that have already been achieved in cleaning up the legacy of the past.  We all know more work needs to be done, and I am grateful for the DOE’s continued commitment to finishing that work once and for all.  This agreement paves the way for many more years of successful collaboration between the State of Idaho and the Department of Energy promoting our national security and America’s energy future.”


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Simpson is former Chairman of U.S. House Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water and is currently Ranking Member. This subcommittee oversees funding for the Department of Energy.