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Simpson Supports Bill to Halt Fentanyl Border Crossings

Simpson Supports Bill to Halt Fentanyl Border Crossings

Washington, D.C. – While the crisis at the southern border continues to run rampant, and the Biden Administration prepares to end Title 42, which allows for the expulsion of migrants on the basis of COVID-19 public health concerns, House Republicans look to H.R. 7359 as part of a solution.

“Our nation is already hurting from President Biden’s lack of border control. The skyrocketing rates at which fentanyl is being seized at the southern border represents a serious concern for our nation’s public health,” said Simpson. “We need a solution that stops this deadly flow of drugs from entering our country and authorizes CBP to take the necessary actions to protect our communities.”

Congressman Simpson cosponsored a bill introduced by Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN) – H.R. 7359, the Stop Fentanyl Border Crossings Act would extend Title 42 beyond May 23, 2022 and authorize turning back migrants to prevent the smuggling of illicit drugs.

“I am pleased to cosponsor this timely piece of legislation that addresses the ongoing border crises that the Biden Administration has failed to take action on.”