Banking and Finance

Restoring America’s Financial Security

As we look at our banking system in the light of the global credit crisis that has paralyzed our financial system and brought uncertainty to our economy, I recognize that we must make long-term changes to our nation’s financial structure by reforming the way we regulate our financial services industry to ensure that the events that led to the crisis are not repeated. I also believe that we need to carefully consider how to protect consumers and taxpayers from the excesses of Wall Street.

I believe that steps need to be taken to bring transparency and accountability to our financial services industry and ensure that American businesses, farms, and families have access to the tools for their financial success.

I also strongly support efforts to empower American families to take ownership of their own financial situations through credit counseling and financial education. You can be confident that I will continue to consider efforts to reform our financial regulatory system very carefully and with the best interests of Idahoans in mind.

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