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Simpson Tells Treasury to Abandon IRS Monitoring Proposal

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Simpson Tells Treasury to Abandon IRS Monitoring Proposal Washington, D.C. – Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson joined 201 of his House colleagues in sending a letter to Department of Treasury Secretary Yellen voicing serious concern over the proposal to mandate and expand financial data collection on the American public. "The Biden administration's latest proposal to require this…

Simpson Stands Up for Critical Idaho Provisions

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Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson supported passage of the fiscal year 2018 House Interior and Environment Appropriations bill, which contains many important provisions to Idaho. Congressman Simpson has continually advocated for essential funding for Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) and wildfire suppression and prevention, which are included in this year’s bill. “The Interior…

Simpson Co-Sponsors Banking Regulatory Reform

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Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson is a cosponsor of H.R. 2896, the Taking Account of Institutions with Low Operation Risk Act of 2015. The TAILOR Act would provide smaller community banks and credit unions with regulatory relief. H.R. 2896 requires federal financial regulatory agencies to consider the risk profile and business models of financial institutions when taking regulatory action;…

Simpson Votes to Stop Obama Administration Anti-Gun Initiative

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Idaho Congressman Simpson supported H.R. 766, the Financial Institution Customer Protection Act, to curtail the Obama Administration’s regulatory enforcement program known as “Operation Choke Point.” “Operation Choke Point” is a Department of Justice (DOJ) initiative in which federal banking regulators investigate banks’ business with merchants deemed to be at high risk for fraud and…

Simpson Casts Responsible Vote on Bipartisan Budget Agreement

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Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson today voted to support H.R. 1314, the Bipartisan Budget Agreement of 2015.  In addition to preventing a catastrophic national default, this agreement achieves long-term savings through entitlement reform, delivers predictability and certainty to the appropriations process and the funding of our national defense, and repeals an onerous mandate put in…

Ex-Im Bank levels the playing field, supports job growth, and helps reduce the national debt

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Idaho’s economy, both urban and rural, is inextricably tied to our ability to export the products and commodities we produce.  Whether it be by our high tech industry, which is the largest Idaho export to the world, or our agricultural products, which help support thousands of jobs.  I strongly believe that Idaho’s farmers and businesses can compete and win on a level playing…

Simpson Responds to President’s Budget

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  Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson issued the following statement in response to the release of the president’s budget for FY 2013.   “I will look over the President’s budget request over the next several weeks, and look forward to hearing from Administration officials on the specifics of their proposals.  However, looking over it today I am discouraged that it does not…

Simpson Supports Terminating Tax Code

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“Over the last few years there have been several proposals to curtail the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) intrusion into the American homes. These include proposals to implement a flat tax or a national sales tax,” said Simpson. “I believe the most effective course of action is to sunset the current complex and unfair federal tax code and replace it with a simple and fair alternative.”