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Simpson Supports DHS Funding Bill

“Holding our national security hostage over a fight that we are currently winning is not a strategy aimed at success. It is a strategy doomed to failure” – Congressman Mike Simpson

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson voted today in favor of legislation that will fully fund the Department of Homeland Security through the remainder of the 2015 fiscal year. At the same time, Simpson is urging his colleagues to allow efforts opposing the President’s executive actions on immigration to continue in the courts.

Simpson made clear that while he strongly opposes President Obama’s unilateral and illegal action on immigration, he cannot support another government shutdown or any further delay in critical funding for the Department of Homeland Security. “While I adamantly disagree with the President’s unconstitutional executive actions on immigration – and have voted to roll back those actions – I do not believe it is worth risking the national security of our nation,” said Simpson. “Whether on the border, at our nation’s airports, or in many vital programs at Idaho National Laboratory, funding for the Department of Homeland Security is critical to our national security and ability to protect our nation from those who would do us harm. Delaying that funding, or playing any further political games with it, would be completely irresponsible and those who suggest otherwise don’t know what they are talking about.”

While a strong majority of members supported the Resolution allowing DHS funding to move forward, Simpson acknowledged that some in the Republican Caucus want to continue using the DHS bill to fight President Obama.  “We all know there is a difference of opinion within our Caucus on tactics and that some members want to keep on fighting against all reason,” said Simpson.  “Members who continue voting against this funding are not helping push the conservative agenda. Instead, their political grandstanding emboldens the opposition, jeopardizes good governing policies, and does nothing to thwart the President’s agenda. Quite frankly, they’re making our party look irresponsible, unreasonable, and incapable of governing effectively.”

Simpson also noted the importance of the recent court victory in stopping the President’s illegal action and made clear that he believed we should pursue the much more promising legal strategy instead of continued gridlock in Congress. “It should be noted the court has ruled against the President and these actions are now on hold,” said Simpson. “Holding our national security hostage over a fight that we are currently winning is not a strategy aimed at success.  It is a strategy doomed to failure.”

The fiscal year 2015 Department of Homeland Security funding bill now heads to the President’s desk. It was approved by the Senate last week.

To watch Congressman Simpson give his closing remarks regarding the DHS funding bill visit his YouTube page here.