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Simpson Responds to Federal Judge’s Decision on Obamacare Lawsuit

Washington, May 13, 2016

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson released the following statement after a federal judge ruled that the Obama administration unlawfully paid billions to Obamacare health insurers without congressional approval.

“Yesterday’s ruling confirms what many American’s already know, the President is acting unilaterally without consulting Congress,” said Congressman Simpson. “The President didn’t confer with Republicans when Obamacare passed on party line votes, and he continues to ignore Congress as a collective body by spending money without appropriations from the legislative branch. This ruling is important to protecting the balance of powers that are defined in the Constitution.” 

House Republicans approved a resolution in the 113th Congress that authorized the House to bring litigation against the Administration for unilateral actions under Obamacare.  In September, a federal judge ruled that the House has the right to pursue legal action against the Administration over billions of dollars in subsidies that were never approved by Congress in an effort to preserve its constitutional authority to control federal spending.