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Simpson Joins Letter Demanding Congress Has Role in New Iran Deal

Simpson Joins Letter Demanding Congress Has Role in New Iran Deal

Washington, D.C. – Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson has joined more than 160 members in urging the Biden Administration to ensure that Congress has a role in any new nuclear agreement with Iran.  The letter highlights the flaws of the Obama-era Iran agreement, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and states that members will:

  • Oppose any agreement that lifts U.S. sanctions on the Iranian regime without first verifying Iran has accounted for its nuclear capabilities, dismantled its enrichment capabilities, halted its support for terrorists, and released all U.S. prisoners.
  • View any agreement not ratified by the Senate as non-binding.
  • Work to reimpose and strengthen any terrorism, missile or human rights sanctions lifted, suspended or otherwise weakened by such an agreement.
  • Investigate whether President Biden’s dependency on the Russians to revive the Iranian nuclear deal is weakening our deterrent posture with the Russians in Ukraine and other areas of the world.

“I opposed President Obama’s JCPOA because it lacked sufficient guardrails to ensure Iran’s adherence,” said Simpson.  “We cannot afford to make the same mistake twice, and it is imperative that any future agreement hold Iran accountable for their destructive actions.” 

In part, the members wrote, “The Iranian regime brutally represses, persecutes, tortures, and murders its own people.  It wastes the Iranian people’s resources on terrorism, foreign aggression, missiles and nuclear weapons capabilities.  We hope to see the day where all U.S. sanctions on Iran can be lifted, when the U.S. and Iran can enjoy normalized relations, and when the people of Iran have a government that respects human dignity.  But that day will not come if you provide sanctions relief that will fuel the regime’s corruption and incompetence at the expense of the Iranian people.”

The letter was signed by a total of 165 House Republicans, including Leader McCarthy, Whip Scalise, and Chairwoman Stefanik.

Click HERE to see the full letter and list of signers.