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Simpson Secures Funding for Ammon 1st Street Reconstruction in Omnibus

Simpson Secures Funding for Ammon 1st Street Reconstruction in Omnibus

Washington, D.C. – Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson today highlighted the inclusion of the Ammon 1st Street Infrastructure Project in the FY23 Omnibus package that was signed into law on December 29, 2022. 

The project was included in the Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development Appropriations bill at Congressman Simpson’s request through Community Project Funding (CPF).

“CPFs are an important way for members to prioritize projects in their own districts within existing budget limits.  CPFs are carefully vetted and limited to no more than one percent of the discretionary budget—anyone who attributes CPFs to wasteful and exorbitant spending is simply mistaken,” said Simpson.  “I am firmly committed to reining in out-of-control government spending—but the reality is that when members don’t take the opportunity to direct funding to worthy projects in their own districts, all the decisions about allocating the federal budget are handed over to the executive branch.  Idaho rarely wins in that situation.”

The $5,830,400 secured for this project will be used to widen 1st Street in Ammon to five lanes, with two lanes in each direction and a center two-way turn lane.  A curb, gutter, and sidewalk will be added along the entire section from Hitt (25th) to Ammon (35th).  Sand Creek bridge will also be widened to five lanes and will include sidewalks.  This section of 1st Street is already operating above its volume-to-capacity ratio and is in failing condition. 

“Reconstructing this principal arterial is vital to the economic development and quality of life for the region.  I am proud to support my district in securing funds for this project that will serve the growing community for years to come,” said Simpson.

“What could be more important to Idaho than the safety of our children?  With several schools and the addition of hundreds of apartments along this busy road, sidewalks are an absolute necessity for the safety of our families and children,” said Representative Wendy Horman, Idaho House Appropriations Chair.  “Over the years, residents have contacted me asking for solutions to this serious problem, and I am so relieved that funds have been allocated for this project.  Thank you, Congressman Simpson, for your commitment to Idaho families!”

“Well-supported law enforcement personnel, well-maintained roads and bridges, and responsibly built schools and civic facilities all play a vital role in creating safe Idaho communities.  All that is critical for Idaho’s fantastic families,” said Representative Josh Wheeler, Idaho House of Representatives.  “I want to thank Congressman Simpson and his team for recognizing the importance of these types of projects, which help promote safe communities.  The efforts made to deliver needed infrastructure funds to the 1st Street expansion in Ammon will bear positive fruit now and in the future.”

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to Congressman Simpson for helping get funds moving toward critical infrastructure projects like the 1st Street expansion in Ammon,” said Senator Mark Harris, Idaho Senate.  “Local leaders have been working for years to have the needed funds for this work, and it is encouraging to see such support from our national leaders combined with those efforts for success.  Thanks to Congressman Simpson’s team for their ongoing communication and efforts regarding this project.”