EPA and Environmental Policies

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Bringing Common Sense to Environmental Policies

As a life-long Idahoan, I am deeply concerned about protecting our environment to ensure that we continue to have clean air to breathe and water to drink, as well as guaranteeing long-term sustainability of ecosystems, habitats, and species.  If we take care of our environment, future generations of Idahoans will be able to enjoy the same benefits that we sometimes take for granted today.
I believe that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has an important role to play in protecting public health, but like many Idahoans, I am deeply concerned that, under the Obama Administration, the EPA has drastically expanded its regulatory authority.  The EPA is pumping out new regulations every week, without Congress’s consent, that impact nearly every facet of Americans’ lives—from whom you can hire to remodel your house to what kind of car you can drive.  I am concerned that this Administration is using the EPA to force on the American people an extreme environmental agenda that will hurt our economy and push an unwelcomed government further into the lives of citizens.

As a member of the House Interior and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee, which oversees funding for the EPA, I am working to bring some common sense to our nation’s environmental policies.  I intend to do oversight that shines some light on how the EPA has been spending the dramatic increases in funding that it has received in recent years and look at whether the regulations and actions coming out of the agencies are appropriate, given the regulatory authority provided by Congress.  I strongly believe that government should be responsive to the people, not force on them policies that they don’t support. 

As Congress considers legislation on a wide range of issues, including changes to our energy policies, efforts to protect our watersheds, or plans to manage our natural resources, I will continue to work to strike the right balance with policies that impact our public lands, environment, economy, and the ability of Idahoans to utilize and enjoy the lands around them.

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