Second Amendment

Supreme Court Upholds Second Amendment

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“Today is another great day for supporters of the Second Amendment,” Congressman Simpson said. “Just like 2008 when the Court ruled that Washington, D.C.’s gun ban was unconstitutional, they have knocked down Chicago’s similar law.” Read more »

The Second Amendment is as Fundamental as the First Amendment

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The pro gun demonstrations in Washington, D.C., and the crowds gathered across the Potomac River in Virginia last week were a stark reminder of the passion with which Americans value their personal freedoms. These men and woman journeyed from across the country to remind their government that the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, is a right guaranteed them as law abiding citizens and is as fundamental as the First Amendment, which allowed them to make their voices heard in the first place. Read more »

Simpson Cosponsors Bill to Increase Access for Fishermen and Hunters

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“Idaho is known across the country as a great place to hunt and fish, and many Idahoans consider the opportunity to pursue these activities as one of the best things about living in our state,” said Simpson. “Public lands offer outdoor sportsmen and women the chance to hunt, fish, and shoot in many of Idaho’s most beautiful wild places, and I want to ensure that they continue to have access to these areas.” Read more »