Simpson Joins Effort to Repeal Health Insurance Mandate

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“There can be little doubt that the mandate to purchase health insurance in Obamacare is unconstitutional and needs to be removed,” said Congressman Mike Simpson. “I simply cannot accept that our Founding Fathers would permit the federal government to compel the purchase of a private product as a condition of citizenship. It is unprecedented, unwarranted, and un-American.” Read more »

Simpson Requests Budget Hearing to Address Real Costs of Health Care

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“This massive health care takeover will not save money nor create a better health care system. I cannot stress enough the damage that this bill will do. It will make our health care system weaker, not stronger, and it will damage our economy by adding more and more taxes that continue to stunt our economic growth. The public has the right to know what the true costs are of this legislation.” Read more »

Simpson Cosponsors Healthcare Repeal Bill

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“I strongly believe the democrats’ healthcare bill is the wrong direction our nation and may well be unconstitutional,” said Simpson. “I believe the best thing we could do is repeal the bill in its entirety and start over by passing smaller bills that enjoy bipartisan support and focus on bringing down costs for American healthcare consumers.” Read more »

Simpson Votes Against Health Care Reconciliation

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“As I have said before, this bill will ultimately damage the health care system in the United States, not to mention adding another $2 to 3 trillion to our national debt,” said Simpson. “It is unfortunate that Congress didn’t act in a bipartisan fashion to pass commonsense reforms that would have actually brought down the cost of health care for our citizens.” Read more »

Simpson Votes Against National Health Care Takeover

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“There is no doubt that this legislation will be challenged in court,” said Simpson. “Beyond the question of its legality, this bill will ultimately damage the health care system in the United States while adding another $2 to 3 trillion to our national debt. At this time, I encourage all Idahoans to support Governor Otter in his effort to challenge its constitutionality in court.” Read more »

Simpson Joins Another Effort to Force Vote on Health Care Bill

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“We intend to use every tool the Constitution provides us to stop the ‘Slaughter Solution’ that Speaker Pelosi is trying to achieve,” said Simpson. “The American people have a right to know how their representatives are voting on this health care legislation, they have a right to know what is in the bill, and they have a right to be represented. This scheme is unthinkable and discredits the Institution as we know it.” Read more »

Pelosi will stop at nothing to pass her health care bill

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Yesterday, I opposed the health care reconciliation bill that came before the House Budget Committee. Last night’s late-night markup was the very first step in the health care reconciliation process, which will allow Senate Democrats to pass the bill with only 51 votes, rather than 60. Unfortunately, it was not a forum for any minority views to be included, but rather it was just one more ceremoni... Read more »

Pelosi’s Health Care Bill is Disastrous: REAL Reform is Needed - Not Gimmicks

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“Right now, Speaker Pelosi and her Democrats are busy trying to ram health reform legislation through the House of Representatives against the will of the American people. This bill will raise your taxes, create a massive new entitlement program and do little to address the problems in our current health system. The frightening reality for the American taxpayer and anyone who will need health care... Read more »

Simpson Votes Against Health Care Reconciliation in Budget Committee

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“Unfortunately,” Congressman Simpson said, “the Budget Committee today started the health care reconciliation process with a partisan and largely ceremonial markup vote. This procedural maneuver will allow Democrats, now without enough votes to pass the bill in regular order, to pass it with only 50 votes in the Senate, rather than the 60 normally required for controversial pieces of legislation.” Read more »

Simpson Reacts to Health Care Summit

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“Unfortunately, my fears about this summit were realized: rather than a substantive discussion about health care reform, the President’s summit was just for show,” said Congressman Mike Simpson. “It seems the Democrats were more interested in selling the American people the bills they have supported in the House and Senate rather than working together to accomplish health care reform that we can all agree on.” Read more »