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Simpson Supports Balanced Budget Amendment

Washington, November 18, 2011

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson, a senior member on the House Budget Committee, voted for H.J.Res. 2, proposing a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution of the United States.   While it was supported by a majority of members, it failed in the House when Democrats largely opposed the bill, which required two-thirds support for passage because it is a constitutional amendment.  The final tally was 261-165.

 “I was disappointed with the outcome of this vote,” said Simpson, a long time cosponsor and supporter of a balanced budget amendment. “This amendment would ensure that the federal government would finally begin to live within its means after years of accelerated spending and growth. Just as families balance their checkbooks and weigh the value of purchases against their available funds, it is long past time Washington, DC, did the same.”

 “With the national debt at $15 trillion and yearly deficits approaching $1.5 trillion, this amendment would immediately end the practice of spending more than you can afford,” added Simpson.  “Congress has proven time and again it is incapable of balancing its budget, as states like Idaho are required to do every year.  The fact that the federal government has balanced its budget only six times in the past half-century tells you everything you need to know.”

 The Budget Control Act, passed in August, required that a balanced budget amendment vote take place in the House and the Senate – with the effort now failed in the House, the Senate vote will be largely ceremonial.  That vote is expected to take place after Thanksgiving.