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Simpson Supports House Continuing Resolution with Full Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Funding

Washington, September 28, 2016

Idaho Congressman Simpson praised the strong passage of legislation to provide funding for veterans this week by a vote of 342-85.  H.R. 5325 also continues funding for all federal government operations at current levels through December 9, 2016. 

H.R. 5325 includes the full year Military Construction and Veterans Affairs (VA) Appropriations bill that passed the House of Representatives on May 19, 2016 with bipartisan support.

“Funding provided by this legislation is necessary to keep the government operating and provides critical resources and certainty for our service members and veterans,” Simpson said.  “This bill is needed to increase the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of VA services to veterans.  It is the responsibility of Congress to ensure the VA receives the resources it needs to provide our veterans with the quality care they deserve.”

The funding in H.R. 5325 will continue to house, train, and equip military personnel, provide housing and services to military families, and maintain base infrastructure.  The CR also includes funding to address management problems and health care shortages in the national VA system.