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Simpson: Biden Missed Energy Independence in his SOTU

Simpson: Biden Missed Energy Independence in his SOTU 

Washington, D.C. – Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson released the following statement after President Biden delivered his State of the Union address this evening.  

“President Biden attempted to defend some of his Administration’s failures over the last year. At the end of the day, the American economy is suffering from the highest inflation levels in 40 years, and we still have a supply chain crisis thanks in large part to President Biden’s policies. I find it hard to believe that he did not address American energy independence, which should be an immediate priority for his Administration. President Biden should approve the Keystone XL pipeline now and start approving domestic oil and gas leases. We also must begin responsibly mining critical minerals in the United States so that we are not dependent on foreign powers for these vital resources. These are major steps we can take today to make our nation more secure.   

“As far as Ukraine is concerned, I join my fellow Americans as we watch with horror as Putin invades this sovereign nation. The strength and determination of the Ukrainian people in this time of unthinkable violence has stunned and inspired the world. The Administration must unleash the full power of crippling sanctions on Russia and provide Ukraine with the lethal aid necessary for Ukraine to successfully defend itself. The post-World War II world order – and American security – depends on it.”