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Simpson Secures Funding for Idaho Projects in FY23 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Legislation

Simpson Secures Funding for Idaho Projects in FY23 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Legislation

Washington, D.C. – Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson today announced that he has secured over $20.2 million in funding for six projects in Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District in the Fiscal Year 2023 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education appropriations bills. The projects are located in Ammon, Pocatello, Boise, Fairfield, and Shoshone.

“I am pleased to see six of my Community Project Funding (CPF) requests for Idaho’s 2nd Congressional district go through the first steps of approval in the Fiscal Year 2023 appropriations legislation,” said Simpson. “Through CPFs, members of Congress can request funds directly for eligible projects in their own congressional districts and avoid some of the problematic delays and funding decisions made by Biden-appointed bureaucrats in government agencies.”

The following projects are included in the Fiscal Year 2023 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill:

1. 1st Street Reconstruction in Ammon

$5,830,400 in funding is designated to the reconstruction of 1st Street, a principal arterial that is vital to the economic development and quality of life for the region. The section of 1st Street that is proposed for reconstruction is in failing condition and unsafe, already operating above its volume-to-capacity ratio. The funding will be used to widen 1st Street in Ammon to five lanes, with two lanes in each direction and a center two-way turn lane. A curb, gutter, and sidewalk will be added along the entire section. Sand Creek bridge will also be widened to five lanes and will include sidewalks.

“As Ammon continues to grow, the need for this project is even more pressing. I look forward to the improved safety and convenience this project will bring to the community in years to come,” said Congressman Simpson.

“Every citizen in Ammon and north of Ammon is painfully aware of our community growth and its impact on 1st Street. The 1st Street Reconstruction project is urgently needed in order to allow for proper traffic and pedestrian flow. I am grateful that Congressman Mike Simpson has made this project a priority–it is hugely important for us.” - Ammon City Mayor Sean Coletti

2. Center Street Railroad Bridge Underpass in Pocatello

$5,700,000 in funding is designated to make needed repairs to modernize the Center Street underpass, which is the primary entrance into the heart of Historic Downtown Pocatello. The project would repair the abutments, sidewalk, and retaining walls to the pedestrian tunnel, upgrade roadway and pedestrian lighting, and modify the existing storm water system.

“Modernizing this infrastructure in Historic Downtown is essential for Pocatello’s transportation system. I am proud to support Pocatello in this way and improve the experience of thousands of residents using this underpass,” said Congressman Simpson. 

“For over a decade, the City of Pocatello has been working with our colleagues at the Idaho Transportation Department to modernize the Center Street underpass to ensure the safety of the nearly 10,000 vehicles that drive through the tunnel daily and enhance business development and community redevelopment in our very important Historic Downtown district. With the funding secured by Congressman Simpson we can finally get to work. While some see gridlock in Washington, DC, Congressman Simpson is getting the job done and supporting the people of Pocatello. I thank him and his staff for working hard every day for the people of our great city.”  - Mayor Brian C. Blad

3. Downtown Boise YMCA Catalytic Redevelopment Project

$4,000,000 in funding is designated to redevelop 2.5 city blocks located between State St/Jefferson St and 10th St/12th St in Boise with a new YMCA facility. The Downtown Boise YMCA currently serves 17,000 members per year. With completion of the new facility, they anticipate serving 23,000 members, with 1.2 million visits per year. The project’s community-based approach will address a wide range of social determinants of health and community needs, such as housing, healthcare, early childhood education and childcare, workforce development, transportation and accessibility, and financial education.

“Alongside partners in healthcare, education, and the non-profit and government sectors, the Treasure Valley Family YMCA will provide comprehensive solutions for community challenges in one of the nation’s fastest growing cities, and I am proud to offer my support,” said Congressman Simpson.

“As our state continues to grow, we need to ensure Idaho is the place where we all can have the best possible opportunity to thrive and where our children and grandchildren choose to stay. This YMCA redevelopment will strengthen families and the foundation of the Treasure Valley community for generations to come.” - Governor Brad Little

4. Idaho Workforce and Public Safety Training Facility Improvements in Boise

$750,000 in funding is designated to develop indoor/outdoor labs and learning stations in Ada County that will be utilized to educate water and wastewater operators across Idaho, including its most rural communities. The funding would specifically be used to provide site improvements, including the construction of curbs, a parking lot, loading dock, and storage facilities, to provide safer access to these education facilities. Additional resources will be designated to purchase and install the equipment necessary for indoor/outdoor labs to conduct real-world hands-on experience and training.

“Water and wastewater operators play a crucial role in maintaining the health and safety of our state's communities, but the increasing demand for operators remains an ongoing issue. I am proud to support the Idaho Rural Water Association in their efforts to advance educational opportunities for water and wastewater operators and provide the region with new, stable jobs,” said Congressman Simpson.

“This funding will aid current employees to gain more credentials while they continue working, and it will expand the potential hiring pool into Idaho’s rural communities. This funding will strengthen local businesses, increase local wages, and build greater economic stability throughout the state as water and wastewater are critical to economic development efforts.” -Wendi Secrist, Executive Director, Idaho Workforce Development Council

5. Healing Idaho Community Development Project in Fairfield

$2,400,000 in funding is designated to install a Large Soil Absorption System, new water lines, wells, repairs, and much needed power upgrades to create a safer environment for the newly created Hidden Paradise outdoor recreation facility. This will be Idaho’s only medically designed, adaptive, and accessible camp to serve thousands of children, adults, and veterans from across the state of Idaho. The project will reinvigorate the Camas County economy, serve nonprofits across Idaho, and host community events.

"The abundance of mountains, forests, rivers, and other wild spaces in Idaho is one of the best things about living in our state. I am proud to support projects like Healing Idaho that will provide an essential service to thousands of children, adults, and veterans from across the state who have been marginalized or left out due to medical conditions, treatment, or disabilities," said Congressman Simpson.

“Our vision for Hidden Paradise is to build a welcoming space where guests with medical needs can connect with nature and each other through the magic of summer camp. What we are building not only does not currently exist in Idaho but is desperately needed. Thankfully, many have stepped up and linked arms to make this dream a reality. They see the need for Idaho to have a medical camp, and they know how many children, adults, and families this will impact,” said Elizabeth Lizberg, Camp Rainbow Gold CEO/Executive Director.

Additionally, the following project is included in the Fiscal Year 2023 Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education appropriations bill:

6. Family Health Services Helipad and Ambulance Bay in Shoshone

The $1,550,000 in funding will be used for an emergency services infrastructure project that includes a helipad and a 4-unit ambulance bay attached to the new Family Health Services (FHS) Community Health Center being constructed in rural Shoshone, Idaho – home to over 5,300 residents. This comprehensive emergency services infrastructure project will provide access to crucial emergency medical transport into and out of the rural community to generate favorable health outcomes.

“Support for the helipad and ambulance bay for the Shoshone Community Health Center is critical to Family Health Services' mission to increase access to emergency care," said Congressman Simpson. "I am proud to supports efforts to enhance emergency response capabilities in Lincoln County and remove barriers to healthcare for Idaho's rural communities."

“The collaboration of Lincoln County, Shoshone Family Medical Center and Family Health Services will bring a new medical and dental facility co-located with an ambulance bay and helipad in rural Shoshone, Idaho and will be a tremendous benefit to improve the health of our county, providing direct access to the most comprehensive care in the event of a medical emergency anywhere in rural Lincoln County.” - Lincoln County Commissioners Joann Rutler, Rebecca Wood, Roy Hubert

“While I am proud to support each project individually, the larger bills they are included in exceed responsible federal spending. As we move forward with the legislative process of these bills, I am hopeful that Republicans can negotiate a better final package that will receive bipartisan support,” said Simpson.

To ensure transparency and accountability, the House Appropriations Committee established several new rules that every project submitted for funding must follow.  For a new Community Project Funding (CPF) request to be considered, the following criteria must be met:

  • Members must certify that they, their spouse, and their immediate family have no financial interest in the projects they request.
  • Members must post every CPF request online simultaneously with their submission to the Committee on Appropriations.
  • Members must provide evidence of community support that were compelling factors in their decision to select certain projects.
  • Members are allowed a maximum of 15 CPF requests.
  • No CPF grants can be directed towards for-profit grantees.
  • Total CPF spending will be capped at 1 percent of discretionary spending.

Appropriations legislation is expected to be considered on the House floor at the end of July. For more information on the individual projects or the Community Project Funding (CPF) process, visit Congressman Simpson’s website here.