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Simpson Announces 13 Idaho Priorities in FY23 Appropriations Package

Simpson Announces 13 Idaho Priorities in FY23 Appropriations Package

Washington, D.C. – Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson today announced 13 priorities for Idaho included in H.R. 8294, which passed the House Representatives today by a vote of 220-207. H.R. 8294 includes the Transportation and Housing and Urban Development; Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration; Energy and Water Development; Financial Services and General Government; Interior and Environment; and Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations bills for Fiscal Year 2023. 

The following 13 Idaho projects were included at Congressman Simpson’s request through Community Project Funding – eligibility requirements and additional information may be found here. Full descriptions of each Idaho project submitted may be found here.

1. Rock Creek Conservation and Water Quality Enhancement Project in Twin Falls - $4 million

“The city’s proposed Rock Creek project is a model for watershed conservation efforts that will help improve water quality in the stream and the mid-Snake River.  It has the support of local government and area non-profits and companies such as the Southern Idaho Water Quality Coalition and the Twin Falls Canal Company. Voluntary water quality projects such as the Rock Creek project will assist the State of Idaho in ensuring clean water for its citizens for years to come.” - Governor Brad Little

2. Jerome Education and Training Center - $3.3 million

“An expanded physical presence for CSI in Jerome would provide multiple benefits to the community including an increased ability to serve the rural educational needs of Jerome residents and the opportunity to add to Jerome’s identity as an agriculture and food manufacturing hub.” - Jay Theiler, Executive Vice President of True West Beef

3. McCammon Fire Station - $813,750

“As our county grows, the need for additional emergency services facilities becomes increasingly important. The current facilities are in poor repair and detrimental to providing the needed services. The city has been unable to upgrade aging fire trucks and equipment due to insufficient space and poor configuration of the existing facility. This new facility would have the ability to serve as a hub for expanding emergency services in the area, which would help in many ways.” - Commissioner Jeff Hough, Bannock County Commissioner

4. Custer County Court Annex Building in Challis - $600,000

“The funding for this project is essential since the Custer County courthouse was found to be non-ADA compliant in 2017 and we were required to file a Transition Plan addressing future repairs and upgrades, which includes an elevator. Our courthouse was built in 1957 and has survived two major earthquakes.” - Wayne F. Butts, Chairman, Custer County Commissioner

5. Idaho Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment in Kimberly - $1 million

“These facilities will provide USDA ARS scientists the ability to carry out research in the sustainability of agriculture in Idaho. In particular, the USDA ARS partnership with the University of Idaho at CAFE will provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure the viability of the dairy industry through research of manure handling facilities and experimental lagoons. These examinations will protect the beauty and productivity of Idaho and the nation.” - Paul Amador, Idaho State Representative, District 4

6. Little Wood River in Gooding - $2.6 million

“The City of Gooding is extremely grateful for Congressman’s Simpson’s strong leadership and commitment in the efforts to replace the failing river wall and bridges within in our community.  The project has been delayed for decades due to escalating costs, and the failing wall is now undermining roadways and poses a greater risk of flooding every year. Thank you, Congressman Simpson, from the citizens of Gooding, Idaho!” - Larry Bybee, Public Works Director

7. City of Grace Wastewater Collection and Treatment Systems Improvement Project - $2.56 million

"The City of Grace is in the process of updating the city wastewater treatment plant. The plant hasn't been updated since 1985. With a small population of just around 950 people, we are trying to keep the costs down for our residents. With the rate of inflation and unforeseen equipment reaching its lifetime and needing to be replaced, any support is greatly appreciated.” - Mayor Jackie Barthlome, City of Grace

8. City of Roberts Clean Water Project - $2 million

“The city recognizes the importance of upkeep and our stewardship to keep contaminants contained and treated. This potential funding could go a long way in ensuring that our patrons get the best possible services and avoid known health hazards from the community.” - Mayor Robert (B.J.) Berlin, City of Roberts

9. 1st Street Reconstruction in Ammon - $5,830,400

“Every citizen in Ammon and north of Ammon is painfully aware of our community growth and its impact on 1st Street. The 1st Street Reconstruction project is urgently needed in order to allow for proper traffic and pedestrian flow. I am grateful that Congressman Mike Simpson has made this project a priority–it is hugely important for us.” - Mayor Sean Coletti, Ammon City

10. Center Street Railroad Bridge Underpass in Pocatello - $5.7 million

“For over a decade, the City of Pocatello has been working with our colleagues at the Idaho Transportation Department to modernize the Center Street underpass to ensure the safety of the nearly 10,000 vehicles that drive through the tunnel daily and enhance business development and community redevelopment in our very important Historic Downtown district. With the funding secured by Congressman Simpson we can finally get to work. While some see gridlock in Washington, DC, Congressman Simpson is getting the job done and supporting the people of Pocatello. I thank him and his staff for working hard every day for the people of our great city.”  - Mayor Brian C. Blad, Pocatello

11. Downtown Boise YMCA Catalytic Redevelopment Project - $4 million

“As our state continues to grow, we need to ensure Idaho is the place where we all can have the best possible opportunity to thrive and where our children and grandchildren choose to stay. This YMCA redevelopment will strengthen families and the foundation of the Treasure Valley community for generations to come.” - Governor Brad Little

12. Idaho Workforce and Public Safety Training Facility Improvements in Boise - $750,000

“This funding will aid current employees to gain more credentials while they continue working, and it will expand the potential hiring pool into Idaho’s rural communities. This funding will strengthen local businesses, increase local wages, and build greater economic stability throughout the state as water and wastewater are critical to economic development efforts.” - Wendi Secrist, Executive Director, Idaho Workforce Development Council

13. Healing Idaho Community Development Project in Fairfield - $2.4 million

“Our vision for Hidden Paradise is to build a welcoming space where guests with medical needs can connect with nature and each other through the magic of summer camp. What we are building not only does not currently exist in Idaho but is desperately needed. Thankfully, many have stepped up and linked arms to make this dream a reality. They see the need for Idaho to have a medical camp, and they know how many children, adults, and families this will impact.” - Elizabeth Lizberg, Camp Rainbow Gold CEO/Executive Director.

“While I am pleased to see these important projects for Idaho included, the spending levels in the overall package far exceed what I could responsibly support. Reckless government spending will only worsen current inflation,” said Congressman Simpson. “I remain committed to prioritizing Idaho’s needs, reducing federal spending, and putting our economy on a sustainable, healthy path for the future. I look forward to working with my colleagues to craft a more responsible spending package that can gain bipartisan support as this bill moves forward to conference.”